Soft Materials Lab

Current Ph.D. Students

Nishel Saini

Senior Research Fellow (2019-present)

Conjugate polymer membranes and Gas separation

Priyanka Aggrawal

Senior Research Fellow (2019-present)

Single-atom catalyst & hydrogen evolution reaction

Shiv Dutta Lawaniya

Senior Research Fellow (2021-present)

Flexible Gas Sensors based on Polypyrrole and its composites

Gaurav Pandey

Senior Research Fellow (2022-present)

Transition metal phosphides-based electrodes for energy storage application


Jr. Research Fellow (2023-present)

Conducting polymer‐based flexible supercapacitor

Ashish Yadav

Jr. Research Fellow (2023-present)

Nanomaterials for flexible energy harvesting and storage devices

Ajay Pareek

Jr. Research Fellow (2024-present)

Flexible and wearable sensors for healthcare monitoring