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Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi

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Memories from Soft Materials Lab

Welcome to Soft materials lab

We are part of the Department of Physics at Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur and conduct fundamental as well as applied research on soft materials for energy and biological applications. We create nanostructures in polymeric thin films for various applications such as gas separation, water purification, sensors, energy storage. We also investigate Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Functional Materials for optoelectronics. Additionally, we prepare the nanostructures for gas sensors and hydrogen generation.

We are always looking for highly motivated PhD students and post-doctoral fellows to work on challenging projects in a friendly and collaborative environment. We are willing to create positions for exceptional candidates even if there are no openings posted. If you are interested to join our group, please send an e-mail to Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi (

ICSM 2024

We are pleased to announce the sixth edition of the International Conference on Soft Materials (ICSM 2024) on 17th-20th November...

Congrats, Dr. Poonam Kumari, on Your PhD Submission

We're delighted to celebrate your incredible achievement in submitting your PhD thesis. Your dedication and scholarly prowess have truly shone...

Book Published on Single Atom Catalyst

We ae happy to share that Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi along with Dr. Prashanth W. Menezes and Dr. Debasish Sarkar edited...

Research Article on Gas Separation

We are happy to share our recent article “Unveiling the Potential of Pt Nanoparticle-Decorated PEDOT:PSS Membranes for Efficient Gas Separation”...

Research Article on Novel Synthesis Technique

We are happy to share our collabarative work with Prof. Prashant Kumar (Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, The University...

Book Chapter on Polymer hybrid based Gas Sensors

We are happy to share our book chapter “Metal oxide-polymer composites for gas-sensing applications” published in the book Complex and...

Research Article on Ammonia Sensing

We are happy to share our recent article “Nitrogen-doped carbon nano-onions/polypyrrole nanocomposite based low-cost flexible sensor for room temperature ammonia...

Research Article in Gas Separation

We are happy to share our recent article “Bimetallic PdPt alloy nanoparticle-decorated track-etched polyethylene terephthalate membranes for efficient H2 separation”...

Research Article in Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

We are happy to share our recent article “Deciphering the Influence of Morphology and Crystal Structure on Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution...

Our Research Areas

The main area of activity is the synthesis and applications of advanced functional materials and membranes for energy and biological applications. Selected research thrusts within the group are highlighted below.​


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