Soft Materials Lab

Functional Nanomaterials

Our research group mainly focuses on the controlled synthesis of several functional nanoparticles/nanoclusters such as metal oxides, carbon nanomaterials, transition metal chalogenides, and polymers, as well as their use as building blocks to develop new nanostructured materials with controlled nanoscale features and unique properties. These nanomaterials are also being evaluated to explore their potential applications in renewable energy technologies (solar/fuel cells and hydrogen production), separation, sensing, bacterial detection and environmental remediation.

Investigating Areas

• Nanostructured Metal Oxides
• Organic-Inorganic Hybrids
• Graphene and its derivatives
  • •   Gaurav Pandey, Shiv Dutta Lawaniya, Sanjay Kumar, Prabhat K Dwivedi, Kamlendra Awasthi
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  • •   Sanjay Kumar, Shiv Dutta Lawaniya, Srinivasa Rao Nelamarri, Manoj Kumar, Prabhat K. Dwivedi, Yeon-Tae Yu, Yogendra Kumar Mishra, and Kamlendra Awasthi
  •     Bimetallic Ag-Pd nanoparticles decorated ZnO nanorods for efficient hydrogen sensing
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  • •  Sonalika Agarwal, Mohammad Jamir Ahemad, Sanjay Kumar, Dao Van Dung, Prabhakar Rai, Manoj Kumar, Kamlendra Awasthi, Yeon-Tae Yu
  •     Enhanced hydrogen sensing performances of PdO nanoparticles-decorated ZnO flower-like nanostructures
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  • •  Anjali Awasthi, Puja Sharma, Lokesh Jangir, Kamakshi, Garima Awasthi, Kumud Kant Awasthi, Kamlendra Awasthi
  •     Dose dependent enhanced antibacterial effects and reduced biofilm activity against Bacillus subtilis in presence of ZnO nanoparticles
  •     Materials Science and Engineering: C 113 (2020): 111021.  More