Soft Materials Lab

Gas Sensing

In current scenario, gas sensors are becoming integral part of human society because of their applications in several fields including environmental monitoring, health analysis, public safety and so on. Our research group mainly focuses on the development of sophisticated and highly efficient gas sensing materials for various gases including hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, ethanol, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. In addition, we also focuses on different nanostructures of metal oxides to enhance the gas sensing performance. Furthermore, we have also started research on fabricating flexible gas sensors for their uses in wearable electronics. We’re interested in mounting highly functional sensing nanomaterials on flexible substrates like polymeric, textiles and paper.   

Investigating Areas

Metal oxide nanostructures for highly efficient gas sensing
• Conductive polymer based flexible and wearable gas sensors 
• Electrochmeical bio-sensors
  •     Shiv Dutta Lawaniya, Sanjay Kumar, Yeontae Yu, Kamlendra Awasthi
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  •    Shiv Dutta Lawaniya, Sanjay Kumar, Yeontae Yu, Kamlendra Awasthi
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