Soft Materials Lab

Polymer Nanocomposite

Our research focuses on the development, processing, and improved physical as well as chemical properties of polymers by incorporation of other highly efficient materials such as metal oxides, carbon nanomaterials, noble metal nanoparticles and transition metal chalcogenides.  We’re interested in inquiries on polymer nanocomposite across their entire life cycle, from synthesis to preparation, design, and processing, as well as their applications in various areas.

Investigating Areas

• Polymeric blend nanocomposite
• Conductive polymer/carbon nanomaterials nanocomposite
  • • Shiv Dutta Lawaniya, Sanjay Kumar, Yeontae Yu, Kamlendra Awasthi
  •   Nitrogen-doped carbon nano-onions/polypyrrole nanocomposite based low-cost flexible sensor for room temperature ammonia detection
  •   Scientific Reports 14 (2024): 7904More

  • • Ramandeep Kaur, Shiv Dutta Lawaniya, Sanjay Kumar, Nishel Saini, Kamlendra Awasthi
  •    Nanoarchitectonics of polyaniline–zinc oxide (PANI–ZnO) nanocomposite for enhanced room temperature ammonia sensing
  •    Applied Physics A, 129 (2023), 765. More
  • • Shiv Dutta Lawaniya, Sanjay Kumar, Yeontae Yu, Kamlendra Awasthi
  •   Flexible, Low-Cost, and Room Temperature Ammonia Sensor Based on PPy and Functionalized MWCNT Nanocomposites in Extreme Bending Conditions
  •   ACS Applied Polymer Materials 5-3 (2023): 1945More
  • • Shiv Dutta Lawaniya, Nisha Meena, Sanjay Kumar, Yeontae Yu, Kamlendra Awasthi
  •    Effect of MWCNTs incorporation into polypyrrole (PPy) on ammonia sensing at room temperature
  •    IEEE Sensors Journal 23 (2023): 1837More